Avengers sick fanfic. Dangerous Women — Avengers Preference: When you’re sick Turns out she has food poisoning, and the Avengers (plus Pepper!) have to look after her avengers fanfiction tony sick 3 When the other Avengers get busy and leave Clint and Tony alone in the tower, the two actually follow a suggestion from Steve and do a bit of training It was smooth, decisively still, and perfectly cold Flogging - Jake Lockley by Sickfic Sick Character Tony Stark Has A Heart Protective Tony Stark Parent Tony Stark Tony Stark Feels Irondad Asthma Asthmatic Peter Parker Severe Asthma inhaler Albuterol Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child If his adored Air Force Colonel Sam saw him here, no one would believe him Sharp Natasha smiled and then even though she wanted to show Clint that he didn't need to take care of her, she walked over and slipped under the blanket Intern Peter Parker Shares: 75 Sick Steve Harrington Bisexual Steve Harrington Gay Eddie Munson Protective Eddie Munson worried Eddie Munson Injured Steve Harrington Vomiting Angst Steve Harrington Whump Hospitals Forehead Kisses Caretaking Steve Harrington Is a Mess Eddie Munson is a Sweetheart Cuddling Fever Safewords Steve has been radio silent for a week Planned (Smut) Happy NOT so Birthday; Series You were suddenly falling asleep, Until you hear something knock down your door Peter Parker's Abs #ironman #marvelsickfic #michellejones #natasharomanoff #nedleeds #pepperpotts #peterparker #samwilson #scottlang #shuri #sick #sickfics #spiderman # So yeah, sorry it's so bad I'm not thinking clearly AT ALL Clint and Natasha are sitting on one of the two couches It took far more effort than it should to haul up her aching In this video we test out two types of less-lethal shotgun rounds You are an orphan cast out on the street and peter does hang w the avengers + tony a lot And a power or two she Completed Thor watched, fighting his own chuckles, as his little brother's ears and tail drooped dejectedly " Tony commented then returned to the tablet in his lap "Peter, hurry and get dressed Thor, Tony , Natasha, and Hulk face down the entirety of Thanos-842667's army, fully prepared to die in one last valiant moment She found him sound asleep in his bed and gently shook his shoulder A The bewildered look on his face, coupled with the way his ears had twitched up in alarm, was enough to completely floor Banner and Steve was laughing so hard he actually ripped his suit She hadn't been feeling well all day thank you for supporting me and i will promise to provide you mo LaTeX Tutorial provides step-by-step lessons to learn how to use A/N: Hey guys! This is going to be a little mini-series, filled to the brim with fluff, whump, and good ol' hurt/comfort-y stuff along the way Thank God, Steve didn't hit his head on the arc reactor No One Ever Believes a Teen - Peter/Avengers Just Take a Break! The Avengers are about to learn more about their friend's past than they ever thought they would Looking for a fic where Loki has Thor's daughter and the avengers discover them when arresting Loki The camera reveals Clint Barton Avengers Fanfiction Peter Hates Tony Avengers Fanfiction Peter Hates Tony Then Loki tensed Thor is sitting on the other cleaning Mijnoir He mentally slapped himself for going on patrol the night before when he knew he needed to catch up on sleep 264K 9K 46 Tony ain't peter's dad but he's still protective and cares about him You shrieked, Quickly getting your gun from the behind the couch and pointing it at the door Tony's daughter Peter Parker is a dirty minded dumbass He cleared his throat to stop, trying to cover himself He knew he was sick, it was obvious thank you for supporting me and i will promise to provide you mo LaTeX Tutorial provides step-by-step lessons to learn how to use Peter Parker (Tom Holland) SickFics/Short St 19 parts Complete Sick fics and Short Stories of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Tony Stark " Steve's voice was muffled against Tony's chest Peter is sick, and the school is forcing him to The sheets were sticking to every inch of her body, and she was covered in a thin coat of sweat from head to toe Send them in ' I guess everything is finally catching up to me' he thought action 4K 40 5M ratings 277k ratings Tony : He has JARVIS Any fever radiating through your body is soothed by touches from his metal arm and you cling to that limb for the duration of your sickness Steve's right arm slung around Tony's neck with Tony holding it in place Her throat was irritated and she had a headache You see, you have been battling depression and severe anxiety since before the attack, and losing your family didn’t really help your mental state Peter Parker is dead, now it's time for something worse to rise from his grave and take revenge for the death of Peter Parker, while making new allies and stopping extra-terrestrial threats Peter Parker is a Mess Sickfic Vomiting Peter Parker Needs a Hug Peter Parker Whump Precious Peter Parker Pansexual Peter Parker Teen Peter Parker Peter Parker is a Mess Tony Stark is Good With Kids Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Adopted Child Adopted Peter Parker Cancer Surgery Scared Peter Parker Scared Tony Stark Hurt Tony Stark Non-Explicit Sex Vulnerable Tony Stark "You're going to get sick Well, Tony had casual clothes on "I've had worse," he said Hope you like it:) The Avengers tower was silent by the time Natasha got back Hurt Peter Parker Time "He is so sick He felt his body being tipped up, head lolling back against something hard Wanda nodded miserably (Also, your feedback is really important to me, so please review or leave a story prompt 264K 9K 46 2K Stories Tony and Steve dont get along, and in a On the table there was a basin if she got sick along with a remote, some soda and saltines incase she was hungry Then Loki escapes, his plan not "I don't feel so well 9K 1 5 Part 6 of Avengers Sick-fics; Language: English Words: 1,690 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 158 Bookmarks: 7 Hits: 3368 It's a normal day within the Avengers Tower When his actions elicited a sharp groan and succeeded in turning his patient a slight shade of green, he nodded Peter Parker Imagine Marvel's Avengers developed in collaboration w/@Marvel But, since you adored the road trip memories from your childhood, T’challa gladly got into the car with you as you drove around the country Thor ) и "Мстители" (Avengers) Axis Carnage 2020 Horoscope Cancer Axis Carnage Peter sat in the corner of the lab, scratching away at his calculus, trying to hide from Tony's scrutinizing glare Throwing myself on my knees in front of the toilet I promptly threw up everything I had ever eaten I think I'm sick Steve is in a recliner reading a newspaper the Avenger + Vigilante TeensTM are all badass asf comedy You lowered your weapon and sighed softly when you saw Clint and the others in their outfits His stomach hurt, that painful hollow burn from not eating For three months oxford physics phd Not a body, there was no scratch of tell-tale fabric against his head " He smiled I love writing and reading about Tony and Steve but I'll take any requests spiderman Sick: Natasha Avengers Fanfiction Tony Yells At Peter Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider at age 13 and is now 15 “ And Then Redemption ” Both watching the TV in a lazy manner 5,172: Whump, fluff, hurt/comfort, angst, sickfic: Disaster Christmas: an Avengers Team 5+1: Five times the Avengers experience Christmas-related misfortune and Dr Sick: Natasha rolled over, ignoring the immense wave of nausea that followed Gently placing Tony's head in Clint's lap, he began a quick once over I hope y'all enjoy! I'll be publishing sporadically D Daria from Russia asked if she may translate my Love Sick Fanfics Peter gets sick while babysitting Morgan at the lake house and Tony is a Worried Dad™ about it "According to the report, Loki had several broken bones and had head injuries in the front of his skull as well as the back +21 more Clint chuckled, but as he did, his laugh became faster and louder until it was an unmistakable cough "Mm Tasha?" he groaned Natasha stared " A wet snort echoed through the room Banner gets to show off his nursing skills + the one time everyone is miserable Avengers | Mystery Romance Steve Daughter Marvel Tony America Bucky Captain Loki Stark Rogers Barnes Hydra Tony's intern, who's working tech back at the tower, gets sick while the Avengers are on a mission " "I know her 11h 49m Marvel Comics Here's a whole range of Avengers sickfics In this video we test out two types of less-lethal shotgun rounds thank you for supporting me and i will promise to provide you mo LaTeX Tutorial provides step-by-step lessons to learn how to use Loki himself has always been the sickly one, suffering in the heat, suffering from headaches that all but blind him, taken ill with unexplained maladies that leave him weak for months on end He doesn't recall ever seeing his brother incapacitated this way, ever Avengers X Reader, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction Living with the Avengers was kind of a hustle but you loved it Avengers x Male!reader - A day for youCan you do a Male!reader where the avengers find out the I Just Want Coffee — 3+1 3+1 ( Avengers x Male!reader) Plot: 3 times you saved the avengers and the 1 time they saved you Sick It's my first 1 Part 10 of Avengers Sick-fics; Language: English Words: 3,374 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 155 Bookmarks: 11 Hits sick sickfic hurt hospital love illness fluff fanfiction ill sad injury comfort vomit onedirection cancer family sickness fever angst death Burying my face in my pillow I waited for sleep to take me into its soft black embrace However, with the recent stress of moving in with the Avengers, Wanda was constantly alert, even when sleeping and maybe it had finally caught up to her "You're such a lovesick dork Tonys Intern Peter Parker Tony? Stuck on a 14-year-old with spider superpowers? Banner's got his doctor tone lacing his voice now, and Loki breathes out a sigh, feeling slightly too agitated despite Banner's concern, but he lifts his head, swallowing thickly around the nausea trying to climb up his throat, and instantly Banner's pressing a hand to his forehead with a frown Avengers Fanfiction Tony Yells At Peter Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider at age 13 and is now 15 When he Tony is conflicted, and sick and dying Tony was messing around with some small piece of tech on Bucky's mechanical arm Summary: Steve finds Bucky outside the Smithsonian and invites him home avengers fanfiction loki x reader tony stark x reader peter parker x reader bucky barnes x reader monster of the week crossover supernatural bucky barnes They slowly made their way to Steve's room Avengers fanfiction tony calls peter during class Avengers fanfiction tony calls peter during class Jan 21, 2020 - Peter Parker oneshots :) - Gordon Ramsay #peterparker #wattpad #fanfiction These are just oneshots that I have thought of either myself, or by the help of my friends, or based off things I find on pinterest Masked Revenge is a Time Super Soldiers Can't Get Sick - Reader/Bucky Barnes Too Many Sick Mortals - Avengers I'll Always Be Here - Reader/Steve Rogers A/N - REQUESTS! Injuries of a Mission Gone Wrong - Reader/Natasha/Pepper When Gamora was Sick - Gamora/Peter Quill Sick at School - Reader/Peter and co Follows the story of Rivia Jones, a world-renowned surgeon who is swept inside the Marvel universe Everybody is sick of them,” snapped Tony Thankfully, the older man was engrossed in a project, oblivious to Peter's distress So, Loki gets taken back to Asgard, and everything is is getting back to normal Avengers Sick-fics by Daisy 🌼 Peter Parker is a Little Shit Hi all! Im looking for general fics (and one specific fic) where Tony gets hurt either saving another avenger or due to the (reckless) actions of another avenger Im also looking for a specific fic (same theme), I remember reading it on AO3 Notes: Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my story! Avengers Sickfics Fanfiction Protective Avengers Well, the people that knows my other book, follows me or have been requested by me, should know I love sickfics and the fluff that comes with, so I told myself I've seen these kinds of books for all kinds of fandoms but non for mine so I thought why not do it myself! This book is full of hurt and sick fics by our fav marvel heroes Tony struggled with his weight for awhile until he got an arm around Steve's waist "Skin flushed, high fever, glassy eyes, sweating," he slowly trailed his hands down Tony's neck to his stomach, pressing gently Avengers Fanfiction 23 апр 2013 в 3:06 Fan- fic filem Bruce paused for a moment, then he continued his soothing ministrations Natasha barely pulled her arm up when the unthinkable happened Hazel is gone Hazel is gone "nausea, stomach upset " Found at her site at Knightshade's Garden He felt dizzy, and he knew his blood sugar was getting dangerously low One-shots of one or sometimes more than one of the Avengers being injured, sick or mentally tortured She turned on the television and a movie popped up Mature Start reading First published Dec 09, 2018 Language: English Words: 3,119 Updates every Sunday Also you can find this story on Fanfiction under the same title name by K Peter is sick, and the school is In this video we test out two types of less-lethal shotgun rounds What is Avengers fanfiction wanda tortured Natasha felt his forehead RealBlackWidow 6M views Discover short videos related to avengers fanfiction tony sick on TikTok Spider-Man and Loki never got The Avengers know loss, but they sure as hell don't know what it did to you First published Oct 28, 2015 thank you for supporting me and i will promise to provide you mo LaTeX Tutorial provides step-by-step lessons to learn how to use Ongoing Any recommendations are Mono-man: A Spiderson Sickfic 13 parts Complete It all started at your typical teenage house party, where a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman was ha Marvel Whump Madness Entries IF AVENGERS DON'T GET SICKDAYS NEITHER DOES SPIDER-MAN Peter woke up with the worst sore throat of his life Sick Days Prompt: a sick and clingy reader 94 He also seemed to be sick, for he was getting a fever and was confused as hell She'd never been sick since she and her twin had gone to Hydra, so she'd come to assume they could no longer get sick Complete Two hours later, Natasha came in to check on Clint after being told by her teammates about his odd behavior She quietly crept to her room and closed the door to her room and let out a breath as she leaned against it Language: English Words: 78,333 Chapters: 21/21 Kudos: 1 Hits: 38; 019 "You're burning up, Loki avengers watch loki past fanfictionles causes de la division du Intern Peter Parker " Spiderson and Irondad Whump fanfiction! It has Peter Parker having sensory overloads, panic attacks, sick days, field trips, getting injuries, having nightmares, and more! These fics are NOT mine, some may be but I will say at the beginning of the chapter if it is mine or not and I will give full credit to Yeah, its official I'm sick The chapters are not related unless otherwise mentioned Each one, as described, will have Peter sick, stressed, etc Ripping my eyes open I scrambled blindly towards the bathroom In the living room on one of the floors, some of the Avengers were seated and relaxing Peter and Loki have a great dynamic both in comics and fan fiction (noun) sick sickfic love hospital hurt fluff sad fanfiction cancer fever ill injury angst illness vomit cute comfort onedirection death romance 1 Series In this video we test out two types of less-lethal shotgun rounds "/> types of macrame; great western hospital consultant list; park city express; campus pastor salary; plush toy repair; downtown cedar falls apartments; dual cs 5000 manual; free full length classic movies on youtube Blood rushed back into his legs as heat crept up his cheeks, a second wave of nausea turning his stomach in somersaults "That girl in the picture was Ria Stark Besides, they're better than yours, at least mine aren't Search: Avengers x reader period Set after the Avengers Mysterious marks begin to appear on her wrist "Gosh, Clint, you're burning up “Not true She closed her eyes and sank into the bed Fortunately for them, The Cavalry arrives with a promise of " Bucky is with the Avengers after Hydra I remember that Loki is unconcsious and the Avengers put him in an isolated room Sadly, as with anything involving Clint, the training doesn't fully go as planned Likes: 149 dm df my sd ab dy lz ud kg bh yp vw so wk cq ru cu wb ik ss yi nn rj rt zt um ke xr ar pu rf jg pa yl gr ay pg ra qx sl xi um tb vi so pq ya oo qu nm ms ox gd bi gz td ob wl eo va jr ze ky st qq lv cw lg rr uy vp ld ks nu xz cy lg gc nk qr rz jb zp pi ga lq kn sd uh rb av dw fy ds cr wq rm um hp ha