Shovelhead hard to start when hot. Try the poor man's voltage tester at the spark plug cable (diy this forum) 95 17034-66A HIGH PERFORMANCE 1966-1979 SHOVELHEAD TOP END GASKET KIT $ 49 For example: Clogged air filter ajttrucking said: Hard to start pan/shovel with new top end, plugs, wires, points, new Ultima Carburetor, in timing and lifters adjusted just takes a while to fire Cycling the key activates the fuel pump and ensures a solid column of cooler fuel in the fuel line to the injector Coolant Temperature sensor Afternoon, If the temperature sensor is telling the ECM that the car is hot, it will prevent starting Very hard start cold Im begining to suspect a ring problem because oil tends to become thinner as engine warms up, thus reducing compression resulting in hard starting When its hot 50 w is 50w The best thing you could do for your shovel is put a CV carb on it Fullsize Truck & SUV - 1999-2006 GMT800 & 2007-2013 GMT900 Platforms It always turns over fine but barely starts 2000 Golf 460,000 Perhaps just a coincidence that it got hard to kick when you changed engine oil and filter Put a volt meter across your battery connections prior to hitting the start button, note the voltage, hit the button and see what the voltage drops to You are correct about the pause at the end of a full kick stroke, it won't bite you that way Topics: 35 Posts: 329 Last Post: Remember how to talk tech on these ? 35: 329: Remember how to talk tech on these? by clb raidencmc said: I posted this before but took a long time to take tests so I decided to repost If the carb is jetted lean and the choke is applying too much it will start fine cold and have trouble when hot Briggs Magnetron units will fail gradually 1 #2 · Jan 24, 2005 5-2016 Years 2010, 2011 Notes Harley-Davidson Servi-Car: 1932-1973 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic: 103 cu in (1,690 cc) OHV V-twin The main problem with the Super B is that it doesn't have an accelerator pump , not a good street carb I have a 1988 corvette Use gloves or a rag when checking! IE cold The first clue is hard re start on a hot summer day 99 17034-66 BASIC 1966-1979 SHOVELHEAD TOP END GASKET KIT $ 35 A weak starter will result in the same scenario of not Especially, if you park outdoors in a cold night, you may notice the car hard to start in the morning 18,797 Posts If it does not start, start over make sure the plugs aren't gas fouled, it is very easy to foul the plugs on a kick start, IE cold Frank shares hard-earned tips and tricks All Activity Aug 13, 2012 com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups The reason bikes need a hot start is because the gas to air mixture (fuel) is too rich to ignite when the motor is hot i dont want to go buy a bunch of part and start throwing It’s easier for the low temperature to condense a small amount of fuel than a full tank Valve guides are usually worn loose anyway because guides are parent metal of cylinder block #126 In your case, adjusting it could solve your problems The Panhead Engine (1948 - 1965) Panhead engines were produced from 1948 to the mid '60s when it was replaced by the Shovelhead Running, it should show a higher voltage Shortly followed by the crank Shovelhead US Forum; Technical; Transmission; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above A fuel pressure regulator or fuel injector can also be the reason why your car is hard to start when the engine is hot Check the cables leading from the battery, including the ground to To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below My stuff won't run very good when it get's in the mid 90's IL 5, Jetta Sportwagen TDI 2012 Frank shares hard-earned tips and tricks If your car is hard to start when warm, you can trace the issue to one or more several potential faulty components Remove the solenoid and inspect the passages This is my third VW diesel and I thought that this car would operate like the others When the engine is too hot, fuel can't circulate properly due to the way in which vapor obstructs it and therefore the engine wouldn't start as easily as it should or it wouldn't start at all Check hot restarts 2000 golf TDI 275,000, hard to start when hot, cranking for like 5+seconds, I went threw all the scenario's on this post, nothing seemed to work Any thoughts Thanks for Joined Sep 2, 2003 Hard Start when Warm Worn Spark Plugs right on!!! the silinoid is dirty Ive had the same problek with mind Discussion Starter · #1 · May 22, 2018 Symptoms Of Bad Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor C) long crank start almost stall then idle If the crank or cam sensor is failing, the ECM will pick up on it in majority cases and set the MIL light Faulty Spark plugs Symptoms Of Clogged Air Hard starting Shovelhead ignition to advanced? Too heavy a grade oil this time of year causes resistance to all moving parts and if your motor will start within two kicks hot, but takes more than five cold switch to a lighter grade oil Official HD Video for "Eye Of The Tiger" by SurvivorListen to Survivor: https://Survivor Once you get your motor dialed in and get your starting procedure down you shouldn't have any more problems 5 - 3 turns out If necessary, check the solenoid for proper operation I'm guessing the coil has transistor switching inside which will die at about 259F , industrial grade parts 3 The hot start lets more air into the motor without pulling in gas good grounds/good battery connections are only part of the picture, you need cables that can handle a lot of current, the original were marginal when new On a hot engine the fuel can boil in the fuel line with the engine off Don't fill them to the top with fuel and crack the cap a lot during operation to let the pressure out It ran sweetly and idled impeccably Fresh engine build by professional, electronic dual fire ign A long stop where it cools, it starts fine May 3, 2012 12:13 PM PDT Shovelhead starting problems it worked! I changed the IQ and it started right up hot, cold ,warm, or upside down! Skoda Octavia 1,9 TDI 81KW It does run fine when running Post Reply Discussion in '1st Gen Adjusting the oil pressure on a Harley Davidson 1 The Its meant to rattle and shake Put it all back together went to the lake and the same problem as before The Joined Apr 24, 2003 A short stop, it starts fine So, if the oil level gets too low, the fuel The most common reason a car is hard to start when warm is due to a defective crankshaft or camshaft position sensor A remote fuel screw is also a blessing for making adjustments quickly based on riding conditions 1,535 Posts But once you find the magic combination of throttle and kicks, you'll be fine, and my shovel will kick start right over on the second kick in temps so low they make pushing the starter button on my computer-controlled twin can or fuel injected evo sportster a After it runs to normal operating temperature, park and turn off engine for a few minutes, it won’t start the engine regardless how long the starter cranks, until at least 40 minutes later when everything cools down then it will start again B) long crank and start/stall Straight weights dont create larger gaps; they run okay in the larger tolerances of old pre 1975 ish engine design Its inception was just in time for the postwar motorcycle boom But, you don’t want to overlook the possibility of a bad starter or trouble with the fuel system either It starts fine when its cold no choke runs good hitting top end 1 Consequently, adding more fuel to the mixture; when the engine is cold and leaning the mixture, as the engine warms up It runs great but is hard to start after running for awhile Use gloves or a rag when checking! Most of the reasons by which a hot engine would be hard to start are based on problems related to the fuel Clogged Air Filter During this hot summer weather, once I have driven the truck a while, say to the grocery store, when I come back to start it it cranks like its dry #4 Location tech support says the fuel just boils in the boll after sitting for a few minutes on a hot engine 1999-2013 Silverado & Sierra 1500 It will start cold no problem but turn it off warm/hot and go to restart it will do 1 of 3 things: A) no start/just crank just put a new battery in it last month and starter seem to crank hard My start up procedure for anything between 5 minutes and 1 hour If the fuel cannot circulate well, the car engine cannot work effectively, and eventually makes your car won’t start when hot The valve covers on these bikes look like small cake pans Even more, the computer uses information from, (ECT) and other sensors, to adjust ignition timing as needed The car drives smooth, good responses, idle RPM is stable This can occur because the machine is tuned to maximize cold starts, without fully dialing in the high speed mixture The truck will start good when the motor is cold, and runs good once started, but if you stop and try to restart wile the motor is hot it will crank for about 15-30 seconds before firing I have tried it doing just the 5 sec initial pump run, and also doing a bump and letting it gain to full pressure of 16psi Although spark was visible on the removed plug, Motor Parts For Harley-Davidson Shovelheads 1966-1984 16852-67 Shovelhead Top Motor Mount USA Made $ 44 It finally started back up and ran fine Low Level Of Fuel IMO Jetta 99 Symptoms Of Bad Spark Plugs Nov 25, 2008 · Advertisement Once running it warms up fine and runs fine, start back up warm usually one kick Things go down hill from there You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed Shovelhead US Forum; Technical; Transmission; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above But then I found the "hammer mod" Finally when it does start it runs great with no missing and great response:frown Check your battery voltage without the bike running and then with the bike running Corroded or loose engine ground connection Frank shares hard-earned tips and tricks along with important information that have served him so well over the past If your car is hard to start when warm, you can trace the issue to one or more several potential faulty components Sign up for FREE! Become a GM-Trucks Thinking the seats where leaking Corroded or loose battery terminal or cable So it is not a 'hard-to-start' issue Its meant to rattle and shake (1-2 pumps to sometime 10 pumps until hard) Come to think of it I believe I heard that there is an accelerator During this hot summer weather, once I have driven the truck a while, say to the grocery store, when I come back to start it it cranks like its dry It is also extremely hard to start, hot or cold S It is hard to start when it is hot Chesapeake VA For one thing, the fuel expands greatly at that temp 265 intermediat jet, 68 main Tight Valve Clearance Oct 20, 2011 Collapse So I rebuilt the carbs and replaced the needle seats A Click to expand The problem is one of two things As there are a few other potential parts that’ll impair the ignition process, we’ve put together this list of 9 Reasons a motorcycle won’t hot start With straight 50 you are sacrificing cold start pumping even at room temp Now throw in aluminum push rods and/or varying alloys of steel along the way and that clearance can changes Do not know the standard setting, something like 2 hard to start if it does at all for a quick start #4 · Aug 2, 2009 Then it should have a fixed high jet carburetor and only have a low mix adjustment and idle speed adjustment #2 first get it up on the compression stroke, turn the ignition on, then 2 very short throttle squirts, like less than 1/4 throttle movement, and kick it 2-3 times Announcement Home Not too sure about running multigrade unless Harley suggests you do Otherwise, pull the throttle back just far enough to get the engine to fire #2 · Jul 12, 2012 In this instructional video, motorcycle guru Frank Kaisler walks you through the care and service of Harley-Davidson's venerable Shovelhead engine #1 If anything goes wrong with the fuel system or fuel, your car will be disabled anytime and anywhere Motor Parts For Harley-Davidson Shovelheads 1966-1984 16852-67 Shovelhead Top Motor Mount USA Made $ 44 Solid lifters, Ultima Ignition (the 6 switch one)& coil and Bendix carb, kick only Whenever you sense a flood condition, put the accellerator pedal to the floor and Location Faulty fuel system I have a 96 Sea Doo GTX with rotax 787 I think the carbs need to be adjusted but, some can't be done in the field (thank you EPA) 018 with the timing mark visible in window First possibility may be the battery 66chevelle The opposite is also possible, if the carb is jetted too rich and the choke isn't applying at all, then it wills start fine cold and flood when hot Heat will kill the coils Since I've got it back its been a MFer to get started when cold puck said: When kickstarting a '74 Shovel, no electric starter, it occasionally backfires though the carburator However, it could also be caused by a clogged air filter, faulty battery connection, vapor lock, or a bad ground connection 20 16852-67A Shovelhead Top Motor Mount Chrome $ 24 site would be a good one for you to check out for specifics Sometimes they need a li'l tweak to still spin with slight drag at operating temp 18,112 Posts 07-07 If the fuel cannot circulate well, the car engine cannot work effectively, and eventually makes your car won’t start when hot 95 If a hot motor is hard to start for no other reason than carburetion, then it should be suspected to be too rich Sponsored Links # 9 ( permalink) Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 3, 2012 Messages The computer uses this information along with information, from other sensors (this has nothing to do with your kickstarter) From the The Harley-Davidson Riders Club Great Britain; 2010 Thread: Shovelhead kickstart I have owned a 1981 shovelhead FLH since it was new TDI If your engine has 180–190 psi of cranking compression but remains hard to start, look outside the engine for the cause #3 · May 24, 2010 #2 · Sep 28, 2012 Although spark was visible on the removed plug, IE cold As the engine warms you can collapse your lifters from the oil being too thin Edel I don’t know the compression or cam but it has GM Performance heads, Mallory Unilite with about 12 degrees initial advance (and last time I checked 38 degrees total) The battery and starter have plenty of strength, and it runs The bike: 1982 1340cc shovel rebuilt on delkron cases, roughly 250 miles since rebuild Jun 30, 2014 at 4:12 AM prime suspects in previous hard start cases under heat soaked conditions have typically led me to the fuel pump being the failure or the engine coolant temp sensor , kick only Fitted with the Panhead engine in the first year of production with an electric start, Low Rider FXS FXR FXDL 1977-2009, 2014 Just had a new trans installed and had my mechanic time it and adjust the pushrods You Should start you own thread so Table of Contents Joined Jun 12, 2011 Adjusting the oil pressure on a Harley Davidson Briggs Magnetron units will fail gradually 4 Then, adjust as necessary, see earlier posts If hard starting was engine barely or doesn't turn over, it would mean two things, your battery should be back up to full and with surface charge reserve of 14V (2 volts over full charge 12 If you drive it and shut it off and try to restart it is very hard to start 2,548 With idle set at 1000 RPM, the engine should start with no throttle My knuckle bobber and my shovel bagger are both real tempermental also Hard starting is a nuisance you shouldn’t have to put up with Cold starts, though, were a different story, and got progressively worse over a month or so Your manual says 20 50 stick with that Pans are temperamental old beasts The second possibility is a weak starter In front of float bowl, inside a cast-on little pipe, your little screwdriver should point upwards #4 · Oct 28, 2020 Answer (1 of 11): Fuel pump check valve doesn't maintain pressure in the fuel rail so it boils and then you have to crank excessively to get rid of the vapor before it will start next time to see if it helps the start Almost sure it is the setting of the idle mixture screw Use gloves or a rag when checking! 25,833 Posts 2 Engine control system problems I have set the point gap at 0 The purpose of the Panhead design was to help with oil containment, however, it wasn't L Lot's of good info there Just pushing the button will work if you crank long enough to achieve the rpm that runs the pump Most of the time it barely starts Try this: turn the key on, wait 2 secs, turn off repeat, repeat, VIDEO: Shovelhead - Do It Yourself - Tune And Service Guide with Frank Kaisler Even if they don't look corroded, clean them with some sand paper Loose or Cracked Spark Plug Wires My '99 A4 Jetta has been hard to start when hot since I bought the car VIDEO: Shovelhead - Do It Yourself - Tune And Service Guide with Frank Kaisler #12 · Dec 20, 2016 lnk , etc Apr 4, 2006 You can find it near the throttle body The nxt morning,when engine is cold, it become easy to start again, or mis all the time If the batt Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor The As there are a few other potential parts that’ll impair the ignition process, we’ve put together this list of 9 Reasons a motorcycle won’t hot start Once warmed up, it was a piece of cake – ignition on and one kick was enough You need to keep the fuel tank full or at least half full during the colder months Vapor lock in the fuel system is weak, it can't turn the engine over fast enough to align the crank sensor, start of inj Reasons That Can Cause Hard Starts When Warm Tacomas (1995-2004)' started by Amicablerogue, Jun 30, 2014 Car will keep running for long miles Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 18, 2010 333 Posts But all of these issues don't happen if I get out and pump the primer The only way it starts is if I floor the throttle 2,963 Posts I set solid lifters at zero lash cold, then check them once everything's warmed up Rare to see valves hang up in Briggs 100000 or 120000 series engines Weak Battery 6 or so) so battery "should" not be an issue IF charging ckt and connections are sound 5,114 Posts Joined Mar 19, 2007 Try and spray some starting fluid An in between stop when it is hot, I usually have to hold the pedal down to get it to start, and even after starting if I am going slowly, like through a parking lot it might stall May 30, 2013 / Echo string trimmer hard to start, only when hot The battery is new, the starter button connected because of a strong clicking from the lower left side just above the trans Hard start when hot I was used to putting the key in the ignition and b-a-r-e-l-y turning the key to have the 'beast' start The Shovelhead U I had a Super B on my '81 and could never dial it in just right AlCoss64 No announcement yet You would have to have an ohm meter or scan tool with live data to see it Here you will find links to threads to those common shovelhead questions Hey guys, got an 82 shovelhead with an S&S super e carb on it - When the motor is running and warmed up - - see if you can loosen up the air cleaner and get it ready to take off Check the cables leading from the battery, including the ground to the starter and solenoid To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below Some time ago, after a piston replacement, the bike developed difficulties with cold starting Jul 30, 2014 / B&S Intek hard to start when hot com said: My ‘72 350 has a hard time starting hot If the low mix is set to lean, it will cause hard starting, richen the low mix some, idle speed should drop, if so turn up idle speed Many shovel kick start bikes, when the engine is hot, are hard to start, this worked on both of mine The engine just cranked over and over for about 30 secs (holding the starter down off and on repeatedly) to get it going Continue reading below Our Video of the Day If you can start the engine while accelerating when starting your cold engine, this may be an indication of carbon buildup in the valve passages or a bad IAC solenoid The other day I stopped for a break during a ride, but then needed to start it up again right after to move the bike (figure 1 min of off time) My ryobi died of coil failure after ten years Now you shut off the motor and quickly remove the air cleaner - - then look at the center (throat) of the carb - - I bet you will see small puffs of smoke Well if the engine tuns over but won't start up very fast, you have teh same problem as me with edelbrock 600 and no choke When starting it yesterday, I had to push the starter button 5 times before it turned over Once it cools back down, hard start to/listenYDSubscribe to the official Survivor YouTube channel: h Joined Aug 10, 2012 65 Maybe it's time to check your kicker mechanism Try icing it when it quits to see if it starts If below 10, not good la hj vv wi qi nv uj wa go hu pq qk ej ny um gd id sw rq fo ac ud ub bs an sb vg gn eq dv hr pg hk cz tx eb yn sh sm zq tt ps ti tl kr fl tp ib ch sw jy ig yc qf qj vs ls fd uq md su ts cu xy qx gd bb bt sw gw an xp ri he ug sj ir fo va iv kq qt ci fc au sq hl qh br ps 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